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We can develop any ideas into working applications in order to make your online work efficient and comfortable.

BP GTM System

BuddyPress Group Tasks Management System is one of the most effective WordPress tools providing a great deal of useful abilities. The whole development process is under your total control. Create tasks, subtasks and attach them to appropriate projects. Choose responsible people, discuss the tasks if necessary and get perfect results.

BP Avatar Bubble

When you want to get necessary information about other users and get it in the fastest way - choose BuddyPress Avatar Bubble.

No more additional downloads and unwanted transitions. Just one pointing and you get what you want!

BP Friends On-Line

The message was sent but your friend didn`t get it? Quite natural situation if you are always online (but not your friend).

But it can be easily solved with the help of the new BuddyPress plug-in - BP Friends On-Line. Your communication is no longer one-sided!

Our Products in the wild

  • BP Avatar Bubble - frontend BP Avatar Bubble - admin panel BP GTM System - projects by deadline BP GTM System - create new project
  • BP GTM System - admin panel BP GTM System - project page BP Friends On-Line

Plug-ins created by our specialists can significantly extend the functionality of your website. Those users who have already used our products admit their significant efficiency in different aspects of project management. Any tasks and problems which website owners face can be successfully solved. The installation process is absolutely simple and the results are impressive. Enjoy the benefits of our plug-ins!

Plug-ins development

WP BuddyPress useful plug-ins will provide you all the necessary tools for successful networking. Premium features and numerous customization options, widgets, plug-ins, themes and templates - BuddyPress is your reliable partner!

The advantages of WP BuddyPress plug-ins are obvious:

  • Leverage with interactive and media content
  • Better page designs
  • Social media connectivity
  • Great customization opportunities

Design and Implementation

One of the most important characteristics of any web-project is its appearance.

We pay special attention to the aesthetic component and choose the best solutions for achieving your goals.

Whether we speak about advert, brochure or simple leaflet - our quality graphic design will be recognized and memorable.

Support, SEO Consulting

Professional technical support is the key to successful working process of your web-project.

Our specialists carry out a full range of technical services in order to provide continuous and efficient work of your site.

We also consult our clients on all issues connected with search engine optimization.